Friday, 28 March 2014

Photo-A-Day for April...and I want your help!!

In this post I mentioned I was participating in Two Days the Same during May, but I was also doing a small photography project during April. Well, it's almost April so I need to get this underway. And here's what I want from you....


Any sort of words. Nouns, verbs, questions, phrases, whatever.

My plan is to collate a list of stuff, not just from folk who read my blog but from friends and family too, and interpret these in daily photos throughout April. I won't sent a specific task for each day, that would be too hard, but instead it'll be more like a scavenger hunt.

So, anything. Things like....

Red. Car. Six am. Driving to work. First crush. Currently reading. Loneliness. Peace. Cold. Freebie. Yourself. Love. The year you were born. Late evening. First cup of tea of the day. Mood. Lunch. Sitting. Something that makes you sad. For sale. Something stripey. Somewhere you love. Stranger. Dog. Self-portrait. Elephant. Old building. Escaping. Nature, Religion. Out of bounds. Broken. Page 7. Triangle.

(Yes, all shamelessly stolen from Google searches)

The only rule is that I can interpret these things however I want (will try not to be too loose, because that's cheating). And the only rule for you is that your suggestions (a) are not x-rated. Nothing like this on that blog, so move along if that's what you're after, and (b) won't get me into trouble with the law (don't even want to imagine...)

So go ahead - do your worst. I don't need a full 30 suggestions before the 1st, but a few to get me started would be good.

Oh, and if you want to join in, feel free....


  1. Cake, flowers, - or flowery cakes or cake flour ;-)

    A celebration


  2. Another vote for happiness here! Happiness was the first word that came to mind!

    Thinking. Orange. Old. The sands of time. Winning. Chocolate! Losing yourself. I spy. Choices.

    Actually i think this is pretty cool. I like things like this as it reminds me of abstract art and where you can give someone a topic and it is fascinating to see peoples interpretation of that topic.xx

  3. Up and down. Left and right. Home. Catalogue. Blue. Change. Comfort. Stories.

  4. When Sarah and I did an image association project I would always start by mentally turning her image into a word or a phrase, and it was so much fun (but challenging too) to figure out an image to go with it. Good luck with these!

    A journey.
    A place of rest.