Monday, 7 April 2014

Photo-A-Day for April - Week 1

1st April - Flowers (via Patsy)

My chilli plant is flowering! It's in a north facing window, which I thought might be too cold but it seems to be thriving so far. I spent some time today pollinating the flowers with a make-up brush (ah, the sex life of plants...)

2nd April - Lines (via Janet)

These were painted in the car park at work last spring as part of a H&S drive, as we're all clearly too stupid to be able to walk from the office to the tea hut without getting squished by a bin lorry. We do sometimes live dangerously and do a tightrope-type walk along the lines.

3rd April - Art

Any form of street art/graffiti is rare up here, and even moreso in the complete and utter middle of nowhere. So The Saint painted on the back of an abandoned truck really amused me, and made a rather dull graveyard of abandoned vehicles just a little bit more interesting.

4th April - Beautiful

My friend does Shellac nails, and does mine for free in return for me feeding her cat when she's away. This time I chose a design that she'd never done before (or at least not in these colours), and I love the effect. But not only are my nails beautiful, our friendship is beautiful too as we've been best friends nearly 20 years, so there's a double meaning to this one.

5th April - A Place of rest (via Janet) and also Contrast

This one fits two, which is good as it means I'll have less left over at the end of the month and it saved me having to decide which one it best fitted. The seat is clearly a place of rest on the clifftop walk with a lovely view over to Orkney, but Holborn Head, the land jutting out to the left, is a notorious suicide spot. I guess you can figure out the 'contrast' from that, as well as the double meaning of 'a place of rest.'

6th April - Early Memories

My Mum presented me with these tiny Fairy Tale books that I'd forgotten I ever owned. Each about 2 inches long, I used to give them to my Sylvanian Families to 'read.'

7th April - Orange (via Dannie)

I bought some langoustines for the first time on Friday. I only wanted 4 but as it was the end of the day, the lovely woman in the fish shop gave me all she had left, which ended up as 8 for the price of 4! We ate them on Saturday and I made this bisque with the shells. So good that I had it for breakfast today!


  1. I love these - my favourite is 'Art'.

  2. Good selection of pictures. That chilli looks very healthy.

  3. Flowers is my favourite :) No surprise from a wannabe florist really haha.

  4. Aah I had those tiny books! I think my Barbies shared them... :)

  5. Great photos. My favourites were a place of rest and early memories. I loved the contrast on a place of rest. Funny that somewhere so beautiful relates to something equally so sad.xx