Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Photo-A-Day for April - Week 2

*NOTE - I haven't forgotten about this challenge, I've just not been in a blogging phase. Also, I'm cheating slightly in that although I'm listing in on here as a photo a day, they aren't necessarily being taken on those exact days. I'm taking a ton of photos just now and its just easier for me to pick the best and assign them to a day. But on the plus side I am actually getting my camera out on a daily basis again, which was why I wanted to do this.

8th April - Something New
My Kindle died, but I managed to resist the lure of a Kindle Fire (I really don't need a tablet) and went for the cheaper Kindle Paperwhite instead.

9th April - Initials
I had kind of forgotten that its possible to write on stones with other stones. It's quite fun.

10th April - Home (via Sarah)
I had thought that for this topic I would pick something a bit abstract that means home to me. But its occurred to me that there's no need to be abstract or clever with this. This town is home, no matter where I go, and this is one of my favourite places to be - on the cliff walk near the beach.

11th April - Old (via Dannie)
The Collins Gem guides have been mine since I was small, and the vintage books are all charity shop/car boot sale finds. The Panda belonged to my Mum as a child and was then passed to me. It's always been one of my favourite cuddly toys, and is one of the few that I still own from childhood.

12th April - A Journey (via Janet)
Whizzing through the very flat countryside of Caithness on possibly the oldest Scotrail train still in service.

13th April - Chocolate (via Dannie)
Ok, not actual chocolate but its the colour of chocolate, and actually has a slightly chocolate-y flavour. The Seaweed Ale is amazing (if, like me, you're an ale-fiend). We were in the Biere Hall on Gordon Street, Glasgow - which does the best ever 2-for-1 pizzas, as well as a million ales - and this was not my first ale, hence the not great photo.

14th April - Outside In
In the Winter Garden at the People's Palace in Glasgow. I think its fair to call this Outside In.


  1. Aah you went to two of my fave places in Glasgow, wish I could have joined you! :)

    1. Yay! Ha ha I know, next time I'm going to Glasgow, I'm going to tell you so we can try and meet up. Can't believe I missed the you/Sarah/Janet meet-up by one day :(

  2. Really like the outside in place, it looks like a cool place to go to. Thanks again for sharing your pics and your take on them.xx