Saturday, 5 April 2014

Strange conversations with my sister #234

*My mobile rings*

Me: Hello?

Col: Hi (In a slightly panicked sounding whisper). I'm at Mum's house. A phone call from John just came through on the house phone!

Me: What? He's dead!

Col: I know!

Me: And what...well, what happened?

Col: Nothing, I didn't answer.

Me: So how do you know it was him?

Col: It was his name and phone number that came up on the screen.

Me: Right. And you don't think there's a possibility it could have been his son calling? They did live in the same house.

Col: Oh yeah. Maybe.

Me: I'm going to go with definitely.....


  1. Replies
    1. It was so funny when she clicked!! :)

  2. That premise would make a brilliant start to a novel... *just saying* ;-)

  3. Hi there. I have a request rather than a comment but I can't contact you via the 'contact icon' on your blog homepage. I know its been ages since I commented on your blog but I do still take a peek and was wondering if as a fellow writer, you fancy signing up for The Writing Process Blog Tour and sharing a little about yourself and your own writing process? It is a great networking opportunity and very simple to set up. Apologies if you have already taken part. Let me know what you think. My email address is or you can get in touch via my blog I hope the idea appeals! H-J

  4. That is so great!! It really made me chuckle:-)